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Fresh black truffles at Belet
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The truffle, a Black diamond from Périgord. It is one of the few winter harvests, when the freezing cold covers the hills of the Périgord. Twenty centimeters below the ground of woodlands and forest surrounding Chateau Belet hides a plant treasure, is adorned with almost supernatural qualities. The earthy gangue of this pebble with modest appearances hides a treasure that has shaped the landscapes and saved a peasantry watched by famine.

The adventure of Tuber melanosporum, or Périgord truffle, looks like an odyssey.

Day 1 (Sundays): Arrival, Table d’hotes.

Day 2 (Mondays): Join us as we immerse you into the truffle experience with a visit to an actual truffle farm. Meet the talented Italian truffle-sniffing dog, and together, explore the enchanting truffle-rich forests, attempting to unearth a truffle that's ripe for harvest. To keep your energy up, savor a delightful bistro-style lunch on-site, learning about how truffles are grown, harvested, about the over 200 variety, a few that are truly valuable.

Departing after lunch, your truffle guide escorts you to the bustling Truffle market. Here, you'll have the unique opportunity to experience, interact with fellow truffle farmers and the connoisseurs who evaluate this season's truffle offerings. Learn the art of assessing truffle quality and witness the excitement as professionals vie to secure the finest truffles.

Day 3 (Tuesday): The day for touring or relaxation. The evening continues your love affair with truffles: Embrace the culinary extravaganza as you savor a chef worthy gastronomical dinner. Five courses of culinary artistry paired with exceptional pouring wines will transport your taste buds to new heights. It's an evening that connects you with flavors, every bite is a revelation.

Note the market remains open until there are no more truffles to sell, which usually occurs around the 25th of February. The market opens its doors at 3:00 PM, and truffle farmers typically arrive between 1:30 PM and 3:00 PM.


  • 2-night minimum stay, Sunday through Tuesday
  • Guided Truffle farm hunt with bistro lunch
  • Guided Truffle Market and Live Auction
  • Breakfast included.
  • Gastronomic truffle dinner
  • €695 per couple, supplemental to room accommodations
  • Optional private driver transportation to/from airport or TGV Station
  • Optional Prestige Bordeaux and or Saint-Emilion, Medoc Wines

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