Dordogne river

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Wine and food at Belet
Vegetables being prepared
Gastonomic experience - main dish

La Table de Belet

Step into the culinary world of Château Belet, where dining is a grand celebration of local flavors, an artfully designed experience that immerses guests in the richness of the land and the vibrant gastronomic culture that surrounds it.

But dining at Château Belet is also more than just savoring exquisite flavors. It's about engaging with the food, the land, and the fellow guests, creating a shared experience that transcends time. As guests lend a hand in the preparation and cooking process, a sense of connection and camaraderie fills the air. Laughter, stories, and the clinking of glasses echo throughout the dining hall, forging bonds and eternal memories.

Château de Hautefort - Dordogne
Church in Château de Hautefort
La Roque Gageac in Dordogne

Les tours

Discover our Tours, where authentic exploration and hidden treasures await in the enchanting Dordogne countryside. This is a culture that embraces the "If-you-know-you-know" mindset, inviting guests to delve into the region's secrets and uncover its true beauty. Forget about typical motor coach tours – Les Tours offers a different kind of experience, one that is immersive, personalized, and filled with wonder.

In room massage service
swimming pool at Belet

Joie de vivre

Embark on the extraordinary "quiet life experience" at Château Belet, where the rhythm of nature beckons you to embrace a deeper connection with the earth. One of our cherished neighbors, a tenant farmer in our village, devotes their hands to the art of organic vegetable cultivation. This is just the beginning of a transformative journey that encompasses the treasures of walnuts, fruits, and even the indulgent delight of caviar, each providing a unique opportunity to honor the natural world that sustains us.

This experience goes far beyond mere visits. It invites you to embrace a slower, more contemplative way of life, allowing the gentle whispers of nature to guide your path. It can serve as the foundation for a multi-day wellness retreat, where rejuvenation intertwines with the harmony of the earth.